Heavyweight Training Orb (for Big/Strong hands)

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Improve your fundamentals with "The Orb." This is an all-in-one training tool. We can spend months, even years talking about the fundamentals of our sport or you can use "The Orb" to develop and monitor all the fundamental skills at the same time. The Orb is available in 3 different weights. 

  • Heavy Weight approximately 8 lbs
  • Middle Weight approximately 6 lbs
  • Junior size and weight 4 lbs (different size to accommodate smaller hands)

Weight suggestions:

  • Experienced players using a 15 or 16 lb bowling ball can consider the 8 lb Orb, but I suggest beginning "Orbiters" use 6 lbs or less.
  • Players forced to use a 13 or 14 lb bowling ball should not exceed the 6 lb Orb
  • Players using less than a 13 lb bowling ball should not exceed the 4 lb Orb

I want to know a little bit about your game before we make a decision on which weight is right for you. It will feel heavier than you think. Whether you are using it for exercise or physical game training it is a tool everyone should have

This is a made to order item. From the time of your order expect at least 1 week of pour and curing time.

Custom Colors are available for an additional $10

  • Just let us know the colors you would like in the order comments at checkout and give us a little more time to make your tools.


Note: Because we are hand pouring all of the training tools and working with these materials is still very much a learning process for us, inevitably there are aesthetic imperfections on most training tools, namely in the form of air bubbles. Having said that, the value of these training tools is in their functionality, and you have our word that we will never ship anything out that has imperfections in functionality.

Be sure to follow the production process of your Training Product at https://www.bowlulibrary.com/course/view.php?id=62